Today’s Noisemakers: Muhammadu Buhari, Cynthia Morgan, Alimi Ibrahim, others

Every day on the Nigerian internet, there are people who keep our eyes glued to our phone screens as we read their rants, opinions, perspectives on political and social matters, etc. Sometimes, they are just downright ridiculous. We make it our job to take down the names of these noisemakers.

Here’s our list from today:

1. Muhammadu Buhari

At least, maybe he understands that young Nigerians are not lazy after all.

Many young Nigerians might not know about these policies or have not felt the impact. Inadequate publicity?

2. Drizzy


When ‘you people’ do not know what to tweet again…

3. Cynthia ‘Madrina’ Morgan

My second single as Madrina drops soon

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You can say she is probably back.

4. Denrele Edun

You can always spot a GEMINI by our laughter. We have a certain disposition that keeps us smiling and laughing even if we’re having a f**ked up day! • Countdown to the GEMINI celebration; JUNE 13. Where are my fellow Geminis? My June peeps? I wanna meet ya…. Show Yourself the #geminiway ! #geminifacts #gemini #geminiana #geminisbelike #geminigang #geminination #geminiginger • 📸: @photographercharlie

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5. Alimi Ibrahim

When are we going to stop asking these kinds of questions biko?

Dangote cannot wake from his sleep and decide to dash out money. There has to be a process and the participants would have known what to do before going through the process.

Abeg abeg!

6. Pius Adesanmi

Hmmm… he might not answer. Let’s ask his media team who wrote a whole epistle on the supposed plot to frame him.

7. Deji Adeyanju

Fact or hearsay?

They might actually have reasons Buhari should come back.

It is their PVC…

He seems to be too sure.

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