Opinion Poll: On a scale of 1-100, how useful is advice from divorced people?

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Should marriage advise from divorced folks count for much?

When considering the usefulness of relationship advice and their applicability in ongoing relationships, does the source of such advice matter? Should marriage advise from divorced folks count for much?

Depending on which side of the divide you fall, you’ll either say yes or no.

No to relationship advice from divorced people

Some people believe that if you are divorced, it is obvious that you could not make your marriage work and if you couldn’t use your wisdom to make your relationship work, why should anyone adopt it?

If they couldn’t make their marriages work, why should they be advising others? That’s the belief of people who fall in this category.

What people like this fail to realise is that sometimes, people learn only from mistakes and sad expereinces. The knowledge being offered may have been learnt only after the divorce. People actually become wiser after some experiences.

Also being divorced does not always mean someone was a bad partner. The fault could have entirely been the other partner’s, as in a case of domestic violence.

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Yes to relationship advice from divorced people

For those who will yes, the ‘usability’ of relationship and marriage advise is independent of its giver. Such people believe that the validity and wisdom of words is not downplayed by its giver, and for divorced people, one can’t out their opinions on marriage and relationship issues.

This is because they usually have lessons from their botched marriages which can inspire some very good advice to other people. This writer believes so much in this.

So how valuable is a divorced person’s advice?

So, if relationship advise is to be gotten from divorced people, how much value should actually be attached to it?

Vote in our poll below an tell us where you’d rate advice from divorced people on a scale of 10-100.

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